How to change minds

a SE Inspired comic

I’ve had varying levels of success changing other people’s minds with logical arguments, impassioned pleas and behavioural manipulation. Does that make me sound like a monster? Perhaps, but in my defence I’ve been using the same techniques on myself.

This is how we all attempt to convince ourselves and others of The Truth™. But it’s not the best way. This short comic is an introduction to a philosophical method of discussing ideas that changed the way I talk to people about beliefs, maybe it will do the same for you.

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To find out more about how to talk about the tower I recommend this website which will introduce you to Street Epistemology (or SE as all the cool kids are calling it). If you want to connect to the SE community, you’ll find them all over the web on facebook, twitter and your podcast feeds, oh and out on the streets of course! And to see SE in action check out Anthony Magnabosco’s Youtube channel and get inspired.

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