Murmurs of doubt

twelve skeptical graphic novellas


I’m not the same person I was ten years ago. And neither are you. 

I wanted to write stories about those moments of epiphany when we begin to change, to see through superstition and dogma and get a glimpse of the really real world. But that’s impossible.

The closer I looked for those moments the more slippery they became and as I wrote and drew I realised I was telling stories about doubt… bubbling under the surface in everyone's lives, ready to transform us.

Murmurs of Doubt is a collection of twelve comics about people from diverse backgrounds and cultures experiencing doubt and becoming someone new.

Read more about the book at Women Who Write About Comics or in this graphic account of a talk for Laydeez do Comics London. Or listen to me chat about my work on the Geeks Without God podcast or episode 160 of the Everyone's Agnostic podcast. 

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"Honest, humane and true to life. Fox shows how rejection of religion need not be dogmatic and simplistic but can and does arise from a sincere seeking after truth."

Julian Baggini

"Rebecca Fox is an incredibly talented young artist whose drawings pull readers into a thoughtful, intricate and lovely world. Her compelling images and storylines offer a kind of graphic mindfulness where we allow ourselves to pause, reflect, learn, emerge, and feel better and think more clearly as a result."

Peter Boghossian

"Each chapter is persuasive because it is human (...)  They are a call to avoid being complacent in our thinking and passive in our actions. They remind us that we must keep rethinking why we believe what we believe and why we act as we do."

 Robin Ince

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